Recycling Fabric - A Three Step Process


Why do we do this? A little known fact about clothing is that it is the second most polluting industry on our planet - causing only slightly less than the chemical industry. Producing new fabric, especially in conventional ways, pollutes the environment around the facility and also releases a tremendous amount of CO2 into the air. By using fabric twice, the pollution and emissions from production are cut durastically. 



Step 1: The process of creating a new garment from an old one often begins at one of our favorite places - the thrift store. What we find there, along with what we receive in donations, is taken back to our workshop to be cleaned and processed. The seams are cut out and we are left with beautiful and ready to use fabrics - each with their own unique story.


Step 2: If needed, most of the fabric receives an additional backing for support, strength, and durability. We then take our patterns and cut out our individual hat pieces. From there, the pieces are joined with a sewing machine and a bill or visor gets added on. Before you know it, we have a fully completed hat unlike any other on the market. Sure, it took some extra time, but it makes for a special and unique hat and gives a second chance to hundred of garments.

Proudly Recycled 

Proudly Recycled 


Step 3: The finished product is then added to our web store, sent to one of our retailers, or sold in person. Because each garment we process has a limited amount of fabric, there are typically less than 6 hats made from each piece. Each hat has its own story, a history so to speak, and when you, the customer, purchase the hat that story continues. Cheers to saving the planet one hat a time.